International Association of Investors in the Social Economy
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How to join INAISE

First, you should read this:

Seven good reasons to become an active member of INAISE

Membership of INAISE is open to any organisation that meets the criteria laid out in our charter. Any such institution may submit the papers for admission, which is subject to approval by the board of directors.  

There are two kinds of members:

Full members are organisations and networks working in the field of social finance, who directly invest in the social economy and subscribe to INAISE's articles of Association.

Associate members are non-financial organisations who support and/or work towards the development of what INAISE stands for and which subscribe to the articles of association. This may include businesses, organisations, public authorities, groups of people as well as individuals.  

To join INAISE...

  • Please contact our Executive Secretary at who will tell you more on how to proceed. Membership is subject to the Board's approval.