International Association of Investors in the Social Economy
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The Board of Directors as elected by the AGM in Lima in May 2015 consists of:

Milder Villegas  (Filaction, Québec, Canada) - President - 

Filaction finances enterprises having a sustainable development dynamic and rooted in their community, collective enterprises, co-operatives and not for profit organisations of the social economy sector. They also invest in equity in funds dedicated to micro credit and micro economy in Quebec.  

Claude Dorion (MCE Conseils, Canada)

MCE Conseils was founded in 1987 with the mission of offering high-quality management services, expertise and advice in support of innovative projects.

Paul Ellis (Ecology Building Society, UK)

Paul has been active in the environmental/green/ethical finance sphere for over 30 years. He has served as the Chief Executive of Ecology Building Society since 1995, overseeing its growth and development on a sound financial platform as the leading provider of “sustainable mortgages” in the UK, and is a committed environmentalist. In particular, he has developed a definition of a “Green Mortgage” and assisted in the implementation of the UK’s Energy Performance Certificate. He is a strong supporter and advocate for the mutual/co-operative form of governance. Paul has also served as a director of the Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB) and was a founding director of the Passivhaus Trust in the UK. 

Dominique Lesaffre (SIDI, France)

Dominique Lesaffre presents 30 years’ experience in the design, development, implementation and evaluation/ monitoring of financial systems for development. Economist (University of Vienna, Austria)  & MBA (ESSCA France). He has been active in European social finance institutions as Head of the Africa Department of CCFD-TS (Paris in the 1980s), Managing Director of RAFAD/FIG (Geneva in the 1990s), and since 2001 Senior Investment Officer at SIDI, France coordinating portfolio activities in Africa, Latin America and Palestine, in addition to representing SIDI in major international and global social finance networks. Represents SIDI in 7 Boards and acts as Vice-President of ACAD Finance after having been active in the transformation of the ACAD portfolio into ACAD Finance and investors’ mobilisation.

Andreas Neukirch (GLS Gemeinschaftsbank, Germany)

Since 2002 Andreas Neukirch is member of the board of the GLS Bank with responsibilities in the following domains: personnel development, bank-wide control, IT-Orga and audit. He is also responsible for affiliated companies within the GLS group and therefore member of the executive board of the Beteiligungs AG and Energie AG.

He is engaged in the international collaboration of ethic-ecological oriented banks as a member of INAISE board and member of the supervisory board of the ISB (Institute for Social Banking). Andreas Neukirch is honorary member of the board of a big German charity-alliance (Caritas) and a home care establishment.

Denise Fatoumata Ndour (Sen'Finances, Senegal)

Ms. Denise Fatoumata NDOUR is the General Manager of Foundation Sen'Finances, a Senegalese APEX organisation specialised in  financial support to MFIs.

She has some twenty years of experience in supporting micro, smal and medium size enterprises as well as microfinance institutions.