International Association of Investors in the Social Economy
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2016 Conference

Social and solidarity finance: Contributions, promises and challenges

In 2008, during the INAISE conference in Quebec, participants adopted the network charter. This charter represents INAISE’s principles and claims that to be able to benefit from development, we should run our business activity in a more ethical and socially responsible way. In a worldwide perspective where the United Nations redefined the Objectives of Sustainable Development for a more equilibrated development, targeting inequalities and poverty, INAISE’s project gains in acknowledgement and relevance. It is by generating financial empowerment of the most vulnerable populations with an offer of ethical products with responsible conditions that a development respectful of people and planet will be reached. This ideal finality is however not out of challenges that social finance organisations are confronted to. This year, the INAISE international conference has the objective of studying the role played by social and solidarity finance in contributing to the sustainable development of the planet. What are the contributions of SSF since the last 25 years? What are its promises? What are its challenges?

Within the following six themes, we will try to answer these questions.

Theme 1: Financial tools for the empowerment and economic development

Theme 2: Cooperatives and their role in social economy

Theme 3: Family farming and value chains

Theme 4: Social economy and sustainable development

Theme 5: Social economy and women entrepreneurship

Theme 6: Foundations as a support in social economy



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Opening conference

Léopold Beaulieu 

Malcolm Hayday 


Financial tools for the empowerment and solidarity and responsible economic development: what can we learn from leaders around the world?

Denise Fatoumata N'dour 

Roselyne Mavungu 

Raúl Sánchez 


Cooperatives and their role in social economy and local development

Israel Santiago Garcia 

Marc Picard 

Cecilia Maroño 

Lalita Krishnaswami 


Family farming and value chains

Maribel Martínez Ortega 


Foundations as a support in social economy

Danielle Valiquette