Confederación AgroSolidaria Colombia

AGROSOLIDARIA was created in 1994, AGROSOLIDARIA is a Colombian confederation accounting for 32’000 families in June 2013, located in 16 departments of the country organised in producers’ associations, who are themselves grouped in 17 departmental federations. AGROSOLIDARIA is a network of the Colombian Solidarity Economy which intervenes in 3 specific sectors: agribusiness, crafts and solidarity  tourism.

AGROSOLIDARIA defines itsself as “solidarity economy community of agribusiness”. AGROSOLIDARIA connects small producers, processors, distributors and Colombian consumers into a solidarity economy with the values of “the solidarity socio-economy, agroecology and fair trade between city and countryside. All the year long, it tries assure the security of food produced in an agro ecological way, together with a sustainable and regular distribution of products and services with social responsibility references.

The AGROSOLIDARIA main activities are to finance, produce, transform, distribute and consume products stemming from the biodiversity in the environmental protection and to succeed in organizing a network of solidarity economy within the agroecology sector.


Country : Colombia

Type of member : Full membership

Type of organization : Cooperative

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