3rd edition of the MCODD Congress and INAISE International Conference 2019

Social and Solidarity Finance as a vector of economic transformation in the 21st century

In order to promote exchanges between INAISE members and organizations of the social and solidarity economy, the INAISE conference is included this year in the International Congress on the Social Economy and Sustainable Development MCODD 2019, organized in collaboration with the National School of Commerce and Management of Agadir. Practitioners and researchers will be able to discuss the following main themes:

  • Social and solidarity finance
  • Women entrepreneurship
  • Family farming
  • SSE, sustainable development and territories
  • New technologies
  • Social innovation and entrepreneurial approach
  • Innovative practices in CSR in organizations of the ESS
  • The SSE between economic changes and social innovation
  • Tools applied to the management of SSE organizations

Created in Barcelona in 1989 by seven investors in the social economy, the INAISE network, which currently has more than 30 members, celebrates its thirtieth anniversary this year. Since 1989, the global political and economic context has changed: episodes such as the end of the cold war, a growing environmental awareness and several economic and social crises have contributed to this. However, the desire to create a better world remains the same.

Despite economic growth, social inequalities continue to rise and concerns about climate change are increasingly evident. In the 21st century, the process of economic and social transformation must involve a solidarity society that is committed to share, to improve social services, to defend human rights and above all to take care of our planet. This is established in the United Nations Global Compact for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. To achieve this, we must favor the development of more inclusive and cooperative economic models.

This year, the INAISE conference will analyze the role of social and solidarity finance considered as a vector of economic transformation in the 21st century. The participants will share their experiences and generate synergies to identify and propose innovative solutions.


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Formation - Agadir - 27 novembre 2019

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