Adnan Faramand (ACAD Finance -Palestine)

Adnan Faramand (ACAD Finance -Palestine)


Administrador, Responsible for Middle-East

Adnan Faramand was born in 1963 in Jerusalem Palestine, holder of  EMBA – Kellogg, Northwestern University USA. General Director & Owner of New Vision Management Consulting and Training firm.

Adnan have more than 25 years of management & Organisational Development Consulting experience working in Palestine & the region with different sectors such as private, micro credit, government and non- government organizations.

Mr. Faramand is the Chairman of the Board of Directors (2015- Present) ACAD Finance Ramallah- Palestine (Micro credit Company) Member of INAISE.

Mr. Faramand is a businessman in real estate and other sectors and technical expert in his field, living and working in Ramallah Palestine. Mother tongue is Arabic, speaks fluent English and understands and speaks good Russian language.


Mr. Faramand is:

  • A Founder and a board Member DAMAN for SME, Credit Guarantee Scheme Non Profit Company for political risk in Palestine (2015- Present).
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors, Palestinian Management Consulting Firms National Association ( 2016-Present)
  • Elected Council Member for Ramallah Municipality Council 2006- 2013
  • Jerusalem Electricity Public Share holding Company (200 Million US) Board member 2010- 2013.