Raúl Sánchez (Red Katalysis – Honduras)

Raúl Sánchez (Red Katalysis – Honduras)


Director, Responsible of Central America


Raúl Sánchez has more than thirty years of experience in the development and strengthening of Microfinance Institutions, – MFIs and Savings and Credit Cooperatives in the Latin American region, with greater emphasis in Central America and Colombia. He has worked on Institutional Development and Financing projects for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), including more than five years in Colombia, his country of origin, as project coordinator in the Microfinance sector. He has provided technical assistance for the restructuring of the Microfinance Intermediaries (MFIs) in aspects of strategic planning, organizational strengthening, business plans, financial administration including the strengthening of assets, mobilization of savings and credit systems. He has developed Key Indicators for MFIs that work in both direct first-floor programs and second-tier wholesale entities. He has prepared and participated in the presentation of financing proposals for USAID, GTZ, BCIE and the IDB.

In the 90s, professional efforts were oriented to implement Group Credit and Individual Methodologies to micro and small entrepreneurs located in the different regions of Honduras. He has focused his efforts to consolidate the financial health and self-sustainability of a network of MFIs that work in the microenterprise sector of Honduras. He participated in the elaboration, negotiation and lobbying process of the law that regulates the financial activity of the OPDF in Honduras.

He is currently the General Manager of KATALYSIS Microfinance Network of Central America, which includes 24 entities from four countries of the Region with more than 235,000 clients. The Katalysis Network has become the leading entity in the development of innovative products for MFIs such as Savings Mobilization, Remittances, Rural Finance, Technological Development.