The National Association of Haitian Credit Unions (ANACAPH) aiming at strengthening links between the Credit Unions, distributed throughout the country and to defend their interests was created in 1998 by ten founding members. ANACAPH now accounts for more than 500’000 members (of whom 46 % women) in about 50 Credit Unions.

The ANACAPH’s mission is to consolidate all Credit Unions operating in the country, represent, advocate and promote the sector at national and international level. It promotes to its members the strict observance of the law, democratic principles and transparency, as well, with the following objectives:

– Supporting the grouping of credit unions and inter-cooperation between its members;
– Representing its members to third parties and ensure the defense of their interests;
– Promoting economic, social and cooperative education;
– Enhancing growth and development of its members by providing appropriate services;
– Promoting studies and research on credit unions and the cooperative movement;
– Promoting co-operative values and compliance with generally accepted principles and applicable laws;
– Promoting the adoption and compliance by its members of safety management standards;
– Undertaking activities that can generate income.


Country : Haiti

Type of member : Full membership

Type of organization : Network

Website :