Institute for Social Banking

The Institute for Social Banking promotes a concept of finance and banking that specifically orients itself towards a perception of and responsibility for the development of both people and planet.

For this purpose, we do want to contribute to a change in paradigm. This will be possible if more and more people develop a new – ethically and socially-ecologically oriented – understanding of the monetary, banking
and insurance sector.

Training and Research for Change Agents

Our work intends to enable working independently and innovatively and to get engaged in socially oriented entrepreneurial ventures. Our offers are aimed at interested employees of banks and financial institutions, business and banking students, as well as interested people from other backgrounds.

Connecting education, research and praxis

The activities of the ISB in the area of research are targeted at examining both practical problems and successes of the socially oriented banks. This intends to support practitioners and to disseminate ‘best practice’. The insights gained from the research also ensure a high standard in the training activities.

Designing education for a sustainable development

Based on these objectives the Institute for Social Banking contributes and relates significantly to the UN world decade project Education for a sustainable development by using education and research in the field of socially responsible finance. Our educational concepts and methods aim to develop competencies for an interdisciplinary and forward thinking that support participants to act in a reflective way in decision making processes in the context of societal challenges.

For the ISB educational concepts are an ongoing process that leads to and search for a lively dialogue with research institutions as well as with practitioners and stakeholders.


Country : Germany

Type of member : Full membership

Type of organization : Social finance institution

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