RED KATALYSIS is a microfinance network specialized in providing training services, technical assistance, research and financial intermediation to 23 microfinance institutions located in the region of Central America: 4 in Guatemala, 2 in Salvador, 11 in Honduras, 6 in Nicaragua, dedicated to offer financial services for entrepreneurs to micro and small companies in the region.

In the mid-90s, the network developed a program to strengthen of organisations specializing in financial services for micro and small entrepreneurs. This program has been by private sector entrepreneurs and was completed at the beginning of 2000s.In order to give continuity to this initiative, leaders of Central America created the RED KATALYSIS in 2002. It has for object to deepen, through mircofinance institutions, providing financial services to the people with limited resources; update periodically the human talent; encourage the management of financial and economic resources to the benefit of partner organisations; stimulate alliances in Central America and internationally.


Country : Honduras

Type of member : Full membership

Type of organization : Network

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