CAPPED was created in 1991 within the Youth Forum of Congolese Enterprises (FJEC), a NGO that support the social and economic initiative, to finance economic activities. In December 2003, under the regional legal framework, CAPPED took its legal and financial autonomy from the FJEC. Its mission is to contribute to the promotion of economic and social initiatives of its members by offering financial products.

CAPPED collects savings from its members, extends them credits through its 9 agencies spread throughout the country. 75 agents manage 51,000 members.

CAPPED’s vision is to be an institution of sustainable financing for companies with a national scope and managed in a transparent and democratic manner. It also wishes to integrate national and international networks in order to exchange experiences, strengthen the capacities of its members and staff.


Country : Republic of the Congo

Type of member : Full membership

Type of organization : Social finance institution

Website :